Concepción, the capital of the 8th region, is located at 515 km. south of Santiago.
It has a moderate warm climate with intermittent rain, Mediterranean type. The temperature oscillates between the 14º C and the 12.4º C at the coast and cordilleras. The area has an annual precipitation of 1000 mm and is mainly concentrated between the months of April and November.
In terms of population and productivity, this is the second most important region of Chile, the Metropolitan Region being the first. Modern and with a multiplicity of productive activities, as the iron industry and the fishing, the Eighth Region of the Bío Bío is also a great center of cultural and educational activity.

The regional capital and is located at 86 km. east of Bulnes. A University and cultural center that has a maritime climate and intense industrial, commercial and financial activities.
The city was founded by Don Pedro de Valdivia in 1550. Now, it is a modern city with important cultural centers and an active university life. It is united with the rest of the country by plane, train and highway.
In the surroundings areas, there are many points of interest such as: the Biobío river outlet, the University quarter, the Municipal Market, the Mural of the central Station, the Cathedral, Ecuador Park, the Art House (Pinacoteca), The Museum of Concepción, the big and small lakes of San Pedro, San Pedro Chapel, Llacilén Municipal resort, the Biobío river, the Escuadrón Beaches, the Amarillo and Caracol hills, the Juan Pablo II Bridge, the Tribunals Palace, the Plaza de la Independecia, the History Gallery, the Merced Convent stone walls remnants and the Mausoleum of general Don José María de la Cruz.

It is located at 210 km. south-east of Concepción. It is an area of 11.600 hectares with an altitude of 976 to 2979 m. above sea level. In this area, it is possible to find different of species of flora and fauna in the middle of a pre-Andes landscape full of waterfalls, a volcano, rivers, lagoons, sierra and natural viewpoint places.
Among the species of flora are some woods of mountain cypress, araucarias, maiten del Chubut and Radal erano in addition to La maihuencia and cactus which are considered exclusive of the Andes zone of the region.

Birds constitute the main population of fauna with 47 species among them are pajarillos anátidos, rapaces and the condor. This is also home to the Cordillera partridge and the Andes seagull.
Among the most important attractions are the las Chicas and Torbellino waterfalls, both are part of the formation of the Laja river. The rivers of the zone are apt for salmon fishing and the Biobio river is famous for white water rafting and other adventure tour activities. Also interesting are the Velluda and Los Coigües Sierra which are located in the El Chacay sector.

In general Concepción and the surrounding area is a nature lovers paradise.
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